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...intermittent thoughts

got my first Google

Google has visited "me" and now I have a first hit at Google France - not that it would be a helpful one to the one, but it is one :-) - and the most spectacular, the rank is place 5!

auch wenn es stabil ist, das ist wohl doch ein wenig viel...

Image:auch wenn es stabil ist, das ist wohl doch ein wenig viel...

Back again

after some tuning my BlogSphere, I had trouble in serving the Blog - everytime the blog was opened, some Domino error occured - my very personal fix: replace the design with BlogSphere 1.2b1 again and re-coding my personal fixes to it worked :-)

Fixing RSS

RSS in Version 1.2b1 of BlogSphere won't work anymore for several reasons - i have fixed it today for my blog and don't want to hold thet info in my backhand...

The reasons:
  • if you change the story date of a document, this doc will be saved with a date and no time information - the RSS-feed will be generated with an invalid UTC date format
  • that's also the reason, why the lastBuildDate token may be corrupted
  • after using mimeEntity.DecodeContent() in V1.2b1 the RSS-code is no longer in UTF-8 format - on my machine the format is ISO-8859-1

The Design Elements:

invoked Design-Elements are:
  • Page: "Stories.xml | stories.rss"
  • View: "RSS\Stories | RSS_Stories"
  • Form: "ClientStory | Story"

The fix:

Page: "Stories.xml | stories.rss"

1.        go to the Domino Designer
2.        open the Pages
3.        open the "Stories.xml | stories.rss" page
4.        go to the 1st line
5.        change the encoding of this page to an apopropriate value i.e. from to
6.        save the design page

View: "RSS\Stories | RSS_Stories"

1.        go to the Views
2.        open the "RSS\Stories | RSS_Stories" view
3.        go to the 2nd column
4.        replace the following line:
vTime := @Text(vDate;"S1T0");

by these two:
vTime2 := @Text(vDate;"S1T0");
vTime := @If (vTime2 = ""; "00:00:00"; vTime2);

5.        go to the third column
6.        replace the following Block:
vHour := @Right("0" + @Text(@Hour(vDate));2);
vMinute := @Right("0" + @Text(@Minute(vDate));2);
vSecond := @Right("0" + @Text(@Second(vDate));2);

by this one:
vHour2 := @Right("0" + @Text(@Hour(vDate));2);
vHour := @If ( vHour2 = "-1"; "00"; vHour2);
vMinute2 := @Right("0" + @Text(@Minute(vDate));2);
vMinute := @If ( vMinute2 = "-1"; "00"; vMinute2);
vSecond2 := @Right("0" + @Text(@Second(vDate));2);
vSecond := @If ( vSecond2 = "-1"; "00"; vSecond2);

7.        save the view

The RSS feed will work already, but until now only the symptoms have ben treatened, the reason is still untouched:
Form: "ClientStory | Story"

1.        go to the Forms
2.        open the "ClientStory | Story" form
3.        go to the StoryDate field
4.        rename it to "StoryDateInp"
5.        change the "DefaultValue" Formula to:
_date2 := @Date( Storydate );
_date := @If (@IsError( _date2 ); ""; _date2);
@If ( StoryDateInp != ""; StoryDateInp; _date != ""; Storydate; @Now)

6.        create a copy of this field, rename it to "StoryDate" and change the type to "Computed"
7.        change the datatype properties to display time values too
8.        hide the field fromNotes and web - it is unnecessary to be seen
9.        enter the following formula:
_baseVal := StoryDateInp;
@TextToTime (
@Text( @If ( @Date ( _baseVal ) = ""; @Date( @Today ); @Date ( _baseVal ) ) )
+ " " +
@Text ( @If ( @Hour (_baseVal) = -1 | @Minute (_baseVal) = -1 | @Minute (_baseVal) = -1; @Time(@Now);  @Time ( _baseVal ) ) )

10.        save the form

iTunes 4.1.1 - ich habs doch gewusst, dass es nicht so lange dauern kann

Apple hat heute die Version 4.1.1 von iTunes for Windows frei gegeben - mehr dazu hier

Image:iTunes 4.1.1 - ich habs doch gewusst, dass es nicht so lange dauern kann


avoiding Replication conflicts in Blogsphere

I am replicating Blogsphere between two servers, and have had tons of replication conficts in it - now I know why - and have a fix for it

Well, there are some really useful agents in Blogsphere, which run on a schedule by 5 minutes basis. These agents are modifying the story documents in the database nearly every time they run and are set up to run on any server. So replication conflicts are preprogrammed:

How to fix it?
1.        go to the Domino Designer
2.        open the Agents
3.        open the "Update Stories Calendar" agent
4.        go to the agent properties window Image:avoiding Replication conflicts in Blogsphere
5.        go to the "Schedule" box
6.        change the "-Any Server-" entry to the server you run your BlogSphere on
7.        Save the agent
8.        do this for the "Update Story Response Count" too

minimizing replication traffic on BlogSphere

I recently had some remarks on two agents in Blogsphere - one of them can be fine tuned to reduce document saving and therefore replication overhead...

the second agent (Update Story Response Count) is a LotusScript agent, touches every story, allowed to have comments on every run - and this is every five minutes... I think it would be worth to have a look at this agent to avoid a saving of each of this documents on every run - besides, this may improve overall performance of BlogSphere:

replace the following lines:
  While Not doc Is Nothing

          Set doccoll = doc.Responses

          If Not doccoll Is Nothing Then

                  doc.children = doccoll.Count

                  doc.Save True,True

          End If

          Set doc = v.GetNextDocument(doc)


with these ones:

  While Not doc Is Nothing

          Set doccoll = doc.Responses

          If Not doccoll Is Nothing Then

                  If doc.hasitem ("Children") Then

                          If DocColl.count <> Clng( doc.children(0) ) Then doSave = True


                          doSave = True

                  End If

                  doc.children = DocColl.Count

                  If doSave Then doc.Save True,True

          End If

          Set doc = v.GetNextDocument(doc)



All over all I would prefer another solution for this agent:
1.        change this agent into a manually triggered agent
2.        create a scheduled simple agent to call the one from point 1 once a day
3.        create an agent running when new docs are created, calling also the agent from point 1

I think this will do the same but will increase the performance and decrease server load (which is surely not high at the moment but maybe high in two years after having thousands of docs in a BlogSphere instance) some more than only changng the code

fixing BlogSphere 1.2b1 Comment Count

in the Blogshpere 1.2b1 the article comment count is no longer displayed but corretcly counted. This is an issue to the corresponding view. Fix is here...

here's a hotfix, that works fine for me:
1.        go to the Domino Designer
2.        open the views
3.        open the "HTML\Daily Blog" view
4.        go to the 4th column
5.        enter the folling line to the beginning of the formula language code
responseCount := children;

note to myself: do not(!!!) use BlogSphere with an R5 Client...

Editing BlogSphere documents with R5 will make the contents disappear in a quite strange way - do not do this!

Quote of the day

"... management by magazine-read-in-last-flight"

Thanks Bob - that's simply a truth but maybe a Dilbert

off to Frankfurt

leaving Cologne to attend one of Bob Balabans great Workshops. This time in Frankfurt speaking about WebSphere

see the Agenda

Blogsphere 1.2b1 released

have a look at it, test it, use it, comment it!

there's also an article on LotusGeek

never seen a better ID3-Tool!

ID3-TagIT is a quite complex tool for editing ID3 tags in your MP3 files.

Several useful automatisms allow it e.g. to:
  • convert your existing V1.1 tags to V 2.3 (or 2.4 if you enabled it).
  • query FreeDB to fastly get information about your files into the tag
  • edit multiple files at once
  • rename filenames by their ID3-Tag information
  • and the best for last: it is free


iTunes 4 Windows - die zweite...

Leider scheint die Software noch nicht ganz ausgereift zu sein. Nachdem ich nun iTunes einen Tag benutzt habe, habe ich diverse schwere Hänger erleben müssen, wennd er iPod angeschlossen war. Leider wirklich schade - die Oberfläche sieht wirklich gut aus, das Programm lässt sich intuitiv bedienen und gefällt mir eigentlich - nur wenn ich jedesmal wenn ich ein anderes Programm in den Vordergrund geholt hatte mehrere Minuten warten muss, bis iTunes wieder eingaben annimt, finde ich das ziemlich nervend - ich vermute aber, dass es bald eine neuere Version gibt :-)

Image:iTunes 4 Windows - die zweite...

neue Domain - gollmick.de

seit heute bin ich endlich unter einer neuen Domain erreichbar. Nachdem ich vor 5 Jahren die Registrierung von gollmick.de nur um 14 Tage verpasst habe, habe ich sie gestern endlich registieren können - der bisherige Besitzer hatte sie frei gegeben. In den nächsten Tagen und Wochen werde ich meine Seiten wohl neu ordnen und gestalten um dieser nun führenden Domain Rechnung zu tragen.

Ab heute gilt also:


Blogsphere Umlaut Problem-Fix

Messing around with BlogSphere, I recognized German umlauts are not displayed correctly. So I looked into the coding of the form and found a fix for it...

When playing with the current version 1.0.2 of BlogSphere, I saw strange display of German umlauts such as like an ü became an ü. Not really beatiful to me, since most of my articles will be in German unless my English becomes better .-)

So I had a look into the code and played with the LotusScript Debugger to find the reason. Well, I'm not really sure about my solution, since I never played with NotesMimeEntitiy class before, but it works to me now. Here's my solution:

There is a bunch of LotusScript code in the PostSave event of the "ClientStory" form, which creates the HTMLCode automatically. When debugging the objects I saw, some property called encoding and also saw the HTML text representation of my particular RichTextField. Well, that representation was not really beatuiful and had a lot of strange characters in it. So I looked into Designer Help (ey, what an idea .-) ) and found some function notesMimeEntity.Decode(). After putting this line into the code - the artikle was saved in a way, that worked even with German umlauts - simple but working!

Since there are two RichTextFields in the code, you have to add two lines into the PostSave interface code: Simply add a
       If Not mime Is Nothing Then Call mime.DecodeContent()
just after each occurence of:
       Set mime = item.GetMimeEntity
and the HTML-Code will be created with correct umlauts.


The fix was incomplete. There can be the case to have mor ethan one MimeEntity in one RichtextField, so you have to insert two more lines to the interface:
insert a Call child.DecodeContent() after each occurence of While Not(child Is Nothing), so these types of blog entries will be saved correctly too.


iPod Systemsoftware 2.1

Die iPod-Software ist in einer neuen Version erhältlich: 2.1

Unterstützt werden nur Geräte mit Dockingstation (meiner hat eine, ich habe das Update aber ohne die Dockingstation durchgeführt).

folgende neue Features (Auszug aus der Readme-Datei):
  • AAC-Audiodateien werden jetzt unterstützt, dazu gehören auch Titel, die im iTunes Music Store gekauft wurden.
  • Ein Programm für Sprachmemos wurde hinzugefügt (optionales, iPod kompatibles Mikrofon erforderlich, erhältlich unter www.apple.com/de/thestore.)
  • Digitale Fotos können jetzt ebenfalls gespeichert werden (optionaler, iPod kompatibler Fotokartenleser erforderlich, erhältlich unter www.apple.com/de/thestore.)
  • Die Funktionalität der "On-The-Go"-Wiedergabeliste wurde verbessert.
  • Die Wiedergabeleistung wurde verbessert.
  • Das Spiel "Music Quiz" wurde hinzugefügt.
  • Eine Weckfunktion, die vom Benutzer angepasst werden kann, wurde hinzugefügt.
  • Die Hintergrundbeleuchtung wurde verbessert.
  • Die Batterieanzeige wurde verbessert.

Donwload: http://www.apple.com/de/ipod/download/

iTunes 4 Windows

iTunes ist nun auch für Winodws verfügbar. Hab es gerade herunter geladen und werde mal testen, ob es wirklich so viel besser ist, als Musicmatch - viel dürfte nicht dazu gehören, aber ich hoffe trotzdem...