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Nicht kaufen!

Am Montag habe ich mir das Schnäppchen von Aldi-Süd geholt. Den supermegatollen DVD-Player. Heute habe ich es mit den Geräten zwei und drei probiert - und morgen gebe ich es auf!

Der erste kann entgegen der Angabe auf dem Gerät keine DivX5-Codierten AVIs abspielen und macht Geräusche, die einem jeden Filmgenuss zunichte machen - das Laufwerk ist offensichtlich defekt. Der zweite hat gleich von vornherein seinen Dienst verweigert - die Lade geht nicht auf - man sieht und hört zwar, dass der Player angestrengt versucht die Lade zu öffnen, aber leider ist sie völlig blockiert, weitere Versuche habe ich unterlassen, da die Geräusche zu laut wurden und ich den Motor nicht druchbrennen lassen wollte.
Der dritte und letzte Versuch war dann ein Gerät, dass zwar seine Lade öffnen kann, dafür baer bereits beim Einlegen der CD eine nette Geräuschkulisse aufbaut - ich hab gar nicht erst versucht, eine CD abzuspielen, die schon beim ersten Gerät vorhandenen Geräusche kommen hier schon beim einlesen des DVD-Indexes...

Dieser Player ist kein Schnäppchen, der ist einfach nur billig! An diesem Gerät hat man keinen Spaß! Morgen kaufe ich mir ein TV-Kabel für mein Notebook und gebe fürs erste den Comfort eines festen Gerätes auf.

Why does nhttp use so much memory?

Yesterday I installed some more memory into my machine, having now 768 MB of RAM. Today I saw the following:

Image:Why does nhttp use so much memory?

Whats going on there? This is a laptop with only me as Web user - doing nothing but developing some quite simple Web applications. Currentyl only displaying some views at the moment (ok, arounfd 5000 docs in there)? Are there ways to tell nhttp.exe to not use so much memory? Tons of questions and no answer yet - do you know something?

Access Conenctions - the great Tool

After trying to use IBMs online support yesterday evening, I decided to give the personal help of IBMs Thinkpad helpdesk a chance. This was mainly for two reasons:
1.        The online help does not recognize my R40 - it does not recognize any actual Notebook higher than 31
2.        all other stuff at the online help is buggy as hell - you see more sourcecode than answers or results and the choices are simply senseless if you really want to get help and are not a bloody computer beginner
Well the lady at the hotline was not really surprised to get a call but tried to help me - after asking me if I have enabled my WLAN card at the Notebook she did not want to hear the original Error Message but wanted me to wait. After only a few minutes listening to waiting music, I got the answer to pleas deinstall Access connections an reinstall it again - if it does not work, my Notebook will need a complete restore. Yeah, that's all I ever wanted to do! making a new Install for being able to use my WLAN card at home - I love it!
Now I am thinking about using different Tools, maybe Netswitcher is good enough to do the job of access connections...

I really dislike this Tool!

Yesterday I spent two hours with it - no real result. Today I got the tip of a colleague of mine to update it and try it again. After Installing the install package (wow, great idea of the vendor), I learned, I have to deinstall the older version first. Now I have the latest version of that crap (2.73 1RCN64US) - still not working and annoying with really stupid messages. What shall a user do with such a senseless message? It would be less frustrating if that tool would say: "Go to bed boy, I will never work!". Sorry, but I am really annoyed by spending hours and hours with a program which should help me to speed up my work....

Image:I really dislike this Tool!

Is there anybody in the world who has a solution or a tip how to solve this? Am I the only person in the world having problems with Access Connections?

the new one

Image:the new one

That's my new one. Really cute - it took me only 4 hours to make it work...

Why so long, you may ask ? Yes that's a good question :-) I had two longer telephone calls, my dinner and after only 10 Minutes of working I wanted to move the routers location from just beside my Monitor to behind the stereo - so I unplugged nearly everything, in my network, rearranged the powerlines and networl cables (still have wired networking computers) and plugged everything together again.
Well there was one "little" hurdle: my beloved IBM Access Connections. WiFi and WEP was not working until I killed IBM Access Connections switched the card handling to windows controlled mode an dthe tried to use the WEP keys again - doing this with Access Connections does not work for whatever reason and does not bring any usable Error Prompt (only something like: "there was a problem when applying the network configuration" but no information about the exact thing happened to my WiFi Interface).
So the Access Connections problem and the solution to finally kill that crap took me more than two hours. Configuring the router took me 30 minutes - including a software update - that's how things should work!

off to Kassel

leaving Cologne to attend the DNUG Conference in Kassel

this is my 6th DNUG, but in one facette a premiere - I'am a referree for the first time: Topics will be the DNUG Conference Planning and Agenda System and some other projects I recently worked on or am currently working on.

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