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corrections done

I have to admit, I was running into an issue while fixing the html-output - images generated from RichText do correctly get width and height attributes, but they also get some more attributes if you enter them into a certain property box. well, for some reason I needed to give width and height in that box. The result was doubled attributes in the corresponding image tag :-( On the one hand quite logic, but on the other hand quite annoying. So I did something more today and not only corrected the image references, but also fixed the generation of double attributes in the source by writing a tiny (really tiny) OO based parser. I think this is the best solution to get rid of future issues most easily - I just have to extend these objects a bit. works great so far - the generated code is now doing what I want. I just have to clean it up a bit now. There are some nasty inline Dims, some useless properties and I guess I am able to rewrite around 100 lines of code I did before that parser in less than 25 lines - by being faster and more consistent then...

corrections to be made

While I just realized the code I have written to get the HTML contents of a RichText field is working seemlessly on Linux, I found a new mistake in my Sort-of-XHTML-fixup-function - I guess I have to fix that, but it is rather a finger exercise than some real challenge ;-)

Amazing Ubuntu surface

Yesterday I installed Ubuntu LTS on my machine. Today I started to play around with it and installed Notes. After all I even installed Mikkels ingenious TwitNotes inside it (while it is not supported on Linux, it seems to work - you simply have to edit the file /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/framework/rcp/plugin_customization.ini to be able to install it).
Simply amazing how easy it is to work with Ubuntu - and how fast it works!
Notes on Ubuntu Linux
(the original looks even better due to more colors as in this resized pic...)

Domino Unix Start Script

Daniel has just updated is famous Domino Start Script for Unix. He now even added support for Ubuntu Linux!!! I just can say: this script is the one and only solution to work with Domino servers on Unix and Linux systems. We have started using that script around two years ago and it was already a perfect solution then. But he was always improving it and so the script evolved over time and got even better.
Just one example: originally the script was written to start a Domino server by manually running it. When I was using it the first time for my test machine I just wanted to have the machine run the script upon power up of the machine. Sure, the script was intended for production systems - and those normally do not go down. But I was in the need to stop my test machine several times a day so starting the script automatically was an idea I immediately had in mind. Although I was a Linux newbie then, I tried my very best to modify the script for my own. After two attempts I had to completely throw away (read, I had completely messed them up) I had a script that was somehow started upon system start and somehow did the thing I wanted. But since I had already talked with Daniel (and asked a couple of quite dumb questions), he had quickly decided to also think that could be a good idea and though implemented the necessary and correct runlevel extensions to the script. In fact, when I was finished with a somehow working version - he already had a fully working version with support for automatic start in runlevel 3...
From that day on, using the script is a must for all of my Linux Domino installations - I regret working on a Domino server from the systems side without that script ;-) If you don't know it - just give it a try - it is freely downloadable here!

validity - again

After adding the functionality of using real RichText in this blog, I broke my ambitious goal of having vaid XHTML at least on the startpage of this blog, because the HTML I rendered was the good old HTML4.0.1 Transitional again. So I started to write some function to parse the HTML and add the missing attributes and sematics to the rendered HTML. While this is certainly nothing I wanted to do at all, it was not zhat hard and it currently works for me. Unfortunately, this will be a work in progress, since I do not try to doa hollistic approach on gaining XHTML from some anyhow rendered HTML. So I will have to do several extensions of that function I just started to build. Anyway - the code currently generated is XHTML 1.0 again :-)

change browser in Notes 8 and beyond

Every day is a new day to learn something. Today I learned how to change how the browser is launched in Notes 8 and beyond. For the last several weeks I saw my machine launching all internet related stuff in the internal browser of Notes 8 - which is in fact Internet Explorer on Windows machines. since I really do not like that Browser from several reasons but also from the security aspect. I do use another one. And since I am developing Web applications I have to see the users experience outside of the notes context - so I need to use a browser which is launched outside the notes RCP context in its own window. Well, the well know setting in the location document was somehow ignored by my installation. I did not really care about it since it is a development machine and several things are different from other installations. But over time it started to annoy me quite a bit. I double checked the Location settings, which were set just right:

Unfortunately Notes still launched everything in Internet Explorer. And then I found it by mistake - there is a more dominant setting in the Notes preferences now:

Well, in fact both settings work together. At first the Preferences Web Browser Settings decide what browser to start at all. And if that decision is made, the setting in the location preferences apply. Quite logic at the end but IMO too complicated for an end user if it is distributed over several different sections of the settings and both sections do not give any hint to the other one.

Well, after reading this, you are more clever than before and are now enabled to change that behavior quickly ,-)

Tuning the Blog

I have just tuned this blog database a bit. Besides now having the option to use more than one inline image in a blog entry, I also have now the option to put much more text formats to my entries. I can even create longer entries now. But the thing which makes me most happy: I can now put attachments directly into a blog entry, which was also not possible before. That was possible by using a new technology to render the contents from a RichText item to HTML. Besides these new options I have eliminated some very annoying behaviors of the old system - the list is quite long and quite technically - and I do not need to list it all - it is simply to funny to finally not see these annoyances anymore ;-)
The thing you will enjoy most is the ability to use the spellchecker again - at least some of the worst typos may not occur anymore...

Comments changed

After receiving a note from my colleague Jan I changed the way, comments are displeyed here. I will no longer display your mail address, if you are commenting. However, a valid mail-address is still required to st a valif comment ;-)

SecureDomino 6.1 ante portas

After a while of development, SecureDomino 6.1 has now left the alpha stadium - I have a version running here having already the final version number in it ;-)
While having increased some limits in the filter, we also now have a 64Bit Windows version - hey I guess we are one of very, very few vendors having a 64Bit DSAPI filter now :-) First tests on Domino 8.5 have been made, just to assure no surprise when updating.
So - give us some more days to finish a redistributable version, the release notes and all the stuff that needs to be done - and then we'll release it I think :-)