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Too few entries in Blogspere’s RSS-Feed?

Yes, its true, the number of entries in BlogSphere's RSS-Feed is limited. The entries are limited to 10 which leads to a feed having a maximum of 10 entries plus their responses.
Changing this is so easy: just go to the stories.xml-Page and pick um the embedded View properties. By changing the value of "lines to display" to a value you like you can change this behaviur. But be careful! It does not often make sense to display a lot of elder stories in the feed... And by the way - this increases the size of your feed :-)

Image:Too few entries in Blogspere´s RSS-Feed?

Season Start

If you are a Formule 1 fan - remember the season start tonight! the race starts in the middle of the night for europeans but I'm sure there are lots of Europeans watching it regardless of the time :-)

BlogSphere with complex RSS-Options

pew - I have it. just two hours of working and now my Blogsphere is not only valid RSS but even highly configurable at the feeds options:

Image:BlogSphere with complex RSS-Options


including the changes is not that hard but there are several design elements affected:
RSSConfig (SubForm) new Subform for all teh options - will be used in the configuration
Stories.xml | stories.rss (Page) The Header has become completely obsolete and is now just one computed Text, which is read from BlogSphere's Profile
comments.xml | comments.rss (Page) The Header has become completely obsolete and is now just one computed Text, which is read from BlogSphere's Profile
Blog Configuration | BlogConfig (Form) There's a new Tab which includes the RSSConfig-Subform

valid RSS with Umlauts again - äöü

Rocky praised my umlaut fix at first and then complained about the break of RSS sometimes coming with it. He was absolutely right! Today I had time to look at it - and I think there's a solution (uh yes - to the bug in my fix :-( ):

The Design-Element (Page) stories.rss generates the code for the RSS-Feed of Blogsphere but defines it to some certain character set. This character set may not be the same as the one your Domino Web Engine uses to generate the page. Since that characters sets have to be the same the broken RSS may occur if you have special characters like umlauts in it. I have changed that line and my RSS-Feed appeared again to be vaild by the feed validator. and also appered again in SharpReader. I think that's how the fix of the fix works:

Simply change the first line in your sories.rss page in Blogsphere to the value you have in your Domino Web Engine configuration to be used as default settings character set. In my case this is Western which is configured to be ISO-8859-1. If you have other settings, you need to enter the other value :-)

The result is a valid RSS: Image:valid RSS with Umlauts again - äöü

Of course I have tried to automatize this setting to avoid manual change of that design element. Sorrily a complete automatization seems to be impossible or  in sight to the effort inadequate: If you try to read the accordingn fields from the current server document you need to give Anonymous Reader rights to your NAB, since the @DBLookup is done from the user agents authenticity. Well, simply not a useful hint! Another way would be rewriting the page's code to a Form with SaveOptions=0 and a WebQueryOpen Agent which is setting some certain field to the Form to the value of the Domino Web Engine Setting - executetd by the Agent Signer's right or on behalf of some adequatly granted user id. But this is also not really beautiful because of performance reasons (remember only one value is calculated by reading just to fields and that is only for the few Blogsphere instances using charcters above ASCII-127 when running a complete Agent). The third and maybe only useful way is to place a setting to the Blogsphere config Profile Document which is read when generating the feed. But this would be some part of a couple of definitions around the whole RSS and should not be done as the only one option in the profile document. I had already started to create some more complex and more configurable feed-functionality than Blogsphere has at the moment, but did'nt had the time to finish it until now.

What do you think?

new features at Hosteurope

Yesterday I received a notification from my Web space provider announcing some changes on the webspace I am renting there. Well, today I had the time to have a tighter look into the mail and to check all the changes they did. One of the best improvements they did, is the opportunity to change parts of my DNS-Records including the mx-entry. I immediately gave it a check but for now the change is not present in the international DNS - they prromise a change within 24 to 48 hours but I think the change will be done by tomorrow morning when DENIC is restarting the wohle .de TLD next time. After that you will be reaching me by using http://blog.gollmick.de

But there were also some no really enthusiasting News....

The changes announced also a virus scan mechanism throughout all the servers. While I do not really have problems with viruses - it is always annoing when getting such a mail - so I tehded to use that new, extra charged, service. When starting to activate te service, I got the information about an extra service charge for set up - which was not even cheap. But there was also a hint to call up the sales dept. and so I did to check out abou the scan engine they use and the regularity of viruus updates. What a surprise, when the operator told me they use a self coded scan engine over there!!! I could'nt believe it - yes! He told me they have coded their own scan engine for viruses. I thanked him, and told him that I am really greatful about his honest answer and this is one really good information for me to spare money on that account. He really got a bit annoyed about it - he was not able to understand that I am not willing to trust their programming abilities. Sorry for that! All teh other stuff you did is really great but the hand made virus scanner is not an added value in my opinion.

After all, there is much more stuff added to the packages now. They also started a new web mailer - looks really great to me but I think it needs some slight further approvements, like some better folder overview: if you switch to create new folder they propose to create a folder called inbox, which is present by default - maybe a bit confusing to the guys who are using the interface and are not well trained about POP3, Mail, Web Browsers and so on :-)