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...intermittent thoughts


Today I stumbled upon my very first C++ program. I had tro write it for a software development course during my studies. I do remember the lecturer being a very hard auditor when it came to the vocal part of that exam. He was very keen on misbehaviors of the software coded by the students and of finding some unrecognized end user failures. So I had put a lot of time into checking such stuff and had a couple of nice requesters in the program. Then, at the day of the exam I saw a lot of other students making long faces, because they went into the exam room and came back having just failed the exam because the lecturer seemed to be in a bad mood that day. So I was a bit concerned and nervous. But everything went very well and I succeeded in the exam.


8 kleiner 5???

Oder wie muss man diese Meldung verstehen?
Image:8 kleiner 5???


Andreas hat beim gestrigen Uta-Treffen im Naumburger Dom fotografiert - und natürlich mal wieder ein paar super Fotos hinbekommen. Diese Aufnahme stammt vom Westlettner des Naumburger Doms und zeigt eine Gesamtaufnahme der anwesenden Namensverwandten der Stifterfiguren des Naumburger Doms. Die "echte" Uta ist auf diesem Bild nicht zu sehen, aber wäre rechts oben zu finden, wo sie gemeinsam mit Eckehart steht:

Tab Effect

I had seen it several times before, but now I had finally time to find it in the huge set of extensions for Firefox. Tab Effect is one of those rather useless Add-ons, adding a very cool effect to your browser and this makes it even more fun to use:

Image:Tab Effect