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Wofür ist das wohl gut?

Anhand der Bezeichnung könnte man ja meinen, dieses Zubehör wäre was für Raucher...

Image:Wofür ist das wohl gut?

Kirschfest in Naumburg

Gerade arbeite ich ein wenig an meiner Terminplaung und stelle fest, das das Naumburger Hussitten-Kirschfest 2004 derart schlecht beworben ist, dass man es eigentlich gar nicht finden kann, wenn  man nicht weiss, dass es überhaupt ein Naumburger Hussitten-Kirschfest gibt und dass es auch dieses Jahr sattfindet. Die Seite Kirschfest.de - eigentlich eine der besten Seiten zu disem Thema (und das nicht nur wegen dem Namen, auch weil Kai sie macht) gibt leider kein aktuelle Info. Noch schlimmer wird es auf naumburg.de - die Suche nach Kirschfest führt auf Seiten, auf denen dieser Begriff nicht mal vorhanden ist (natürlich an erster Stelle). Schade eigentlich!

Wie gut dass ich weiss, dass es ein Kirschfest in Naumburg gibt - und das es das einzig wahre Kirschfest in Deutschland ist! Denn so habe ich auch das Nürnberger Kirschfest und alle die anderen Veranstaltungen, die sich bei Google an erster Stelle finden, eliminieren können und schließlich bei den Freunden der Berliner Straßenbahn ein paar Anhaltspunkte gefunden.

Wie es aussieht findet das Naumburger Hussitten Kirschfest 2004 in der Zeit vom 24.06-28.6.2004 in Naumburg wie immer auf der Vogelwiese statt. Der Kirschfestumzug ist demnach am Samstag den 26.06.2004, die Peter-Pauls-Messe am Sonntag den 27.06.2004.

Für alle die, die nicht wissen, was das Naumburger Hussitten-Kirschfest überhaupt ist, gibt es eine Seite auf naumburg-online.de und  natürlich die Live-Berichterstattung auf kirschfest.de

Oh no: "Database xxx time is too far in the future"

With installing the ND 6.5 pre release I got the problem of getting such messages on the Domino server console:
time is too far in the future". I always thought this is a problem of the beta release. When I was upgrading to ND6.5.1 the problem disappeared and I was happy again. Last week I had another look in my log and there it was again. Many of my most important databases promote this error on the servers log.
This time I started to google a bit for learning more about it - and yes the hints showed me there are others having the same problem. But now I am convinced not Domino is the time cracker, it is my Tardis time service which occasionally sets time to some date in the year 2020. If this happens Domino gets this date too and you get databases with documents as of the year 2020 already in 2004 ( ey, the try to spam you in 2020 too :-) )

But what to do, if you have this problem too?

The last times I had this prob, I just made a local replica of all those databases, shut down the Domino server, deleted the damaged ones, replicated the local replicas back and started the server again. Now I know more. To avoid the loss of data do the following on all those databases:
  • delete the replication history on all replicas
  • delete the cutoff-date in the replication settings on all replicas
  • reactivate all scheduled agents (the last run date may be affected)
  • re-create all full text indexes
  • for mail databases there is the hint of copying the ($inbox) folder to a protected temp one, moving all contained documents over there, delete the ($inbox) folder, replace the design, move all documents back to the reappeared ($inbox) and delete the temp folder to avoid non appearing of mails in the inbox (sounds really hard and seems to be not required to me - my inbox is working)

For fixing the date values of already deliverd mails, I have written some small agent fixing the year-time stamp of mails seeming to be delivered in the future. If you are interested in getting it, just contact me! (Don't care - I won't charge you for it)

measurable speed improvement

Later this day I had time to measure the speed improvement I got from my Blogsphere tunings last night. The result is quite impressive. While the untuned Blogsphere has response times of around 12500 ms per page the tuned version is around 3000. That sounds like an improvement of four times!!!


Since I am a German I thought my feeling for the english language can not be better than poor in such tests - but this test proofed the opposite :-)

Grammar God!
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If your mission in life is not already to
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Congratulations and thank you!

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Tuning BlogSphere

Today I have played a bit with BlogSphere's performance - after the move to the new server the speed was not as good as expected to me. And yes, there was something to improve - I did this and for my impression speed is incredibly better now. Currently this Blogspere database runs on a Domino 6.5.1 which is installed on a heavily loaded 1,8GHz standard desktop machine - a better server would maybe generate another improvement of speed. My felt speed improvement is around four times at the moment. How is your impression?

Further optimization may follow this weekend - at the moment I get this more of speed by using an agent which is maybe not necessary. And there are some more ideas for improvement to be checked...

Another Blogsphere has a new home

Not only me was changing the domain of his blogsphere database: Christian Brandlehner has also moved: http://chris.brandlehner.at

NetGear is working again

That was a hard kind of work: Beginning in March my NETGEAR FM114P has started to make trouble whith connecting to the DSL via my ISP provided modem. An attempt to replace the device by a Belkin ADSL Wireless Router Modem failed. Meanwhile I was trying to get help from NETGEAR Germany - thats really a hard kind of work. Getting in contact by mail was senseless, since the operator was not able to understand nor read more than one sentence from my mail. Three times he has sent me the question what's wrong with my device since he cannot figure out my problem because there would be no description in my mail... (momentarily I am thinking if the ticket number in those Mails is just a fake for caling down customers - anyway, he has definitely not used any kind of backward search to my ticket number). After the third answer of mine he stopped asking me about my problems - and stopped any activity on my incident...

Attempts to get NETGEAR by phone are really hard to - most days you cannot reach the hotline. If the line is not full you get kicked out with a comment to the overload. Today I was really lucky - I was'nt kicked after the fourth attempt to dial and so I had fun with the played CD in the waiting line. While I was waiting for more than 30 Minutes I was able to read some documentation and listen to NETGEARs music - really relaxing :-)
Oh yes, I got an operator and she helped me really charmful! She was really nice. After listening to my problem she asked for the router's firmware revision - which was patched a couple of days before to the latest american-site version. So I was sure this is not the problem. But I was wrong - she had a newer version for me. It seems that this version is not available on any NETGEAR site so far. And the best - it works! It solved all my trouble I had before - the router is connecting really fast again and the server is getting the defined IP-Address now. The only one issue is my R40 Wireless connection now - it breaks sometimes and has to be reestablished by hand - I will have a look for it in the future.
All over all:
NETGEARS support is really hard to reach. The email version is not recommendable - they don't even answer to requests if you have a ticket number! The Phone version is hard to reach but polite and really helpful!

Update your bookmarks, please

Today and yesterday I went my Blogsphere to another server and updated the configurations. The site will be reachable by http://blog.gollmick.de from now on (maybe the DNS table update will take a couple of days). The old server is serving a forward for a while but will be turned of in the future.

Troubleshooting a BIOS

Yesterday evening I got a call. A good friend is having terrible problems with his brand new Athlon on a brand new mainbard. After each boot attempt the system jumps into the BIOS settings mode. So we tried all that normal stuff of unplugging all devices, resetting the BIOS, erasing the BIOS settings and so on. After all that stuff not working I told him to unplug the keyboard after setting the BIOS to halt on every error but keyboard. And then it works! The solution was a defect keyboard! Usually this is not that surprising but the keyboard was in use just until the new mainboard was installed and was completely ok. There must have been a defect of it just in the moment it was plugged into the new mainboard :-) what a funny crap!

Uh yes - we are faster now

you have maybe recognized it - the site is much faster now. Today I have moved the database from my old Dual PII 300 to a "slightly" faster machine. Also the backbone connection is faster now - 2 MBit instead of 12 kBit :-)

Back in the net

you may have recognized it - the site was down for a while. The reason was terrible problems with my tech park...

At first my DSL connection broke. My Netgear router FM114P was not able to establish a connction by the NetCologne DSL modem anymore. Until now Netgear Germany was not even able to recognize this as a problem of mine (!!!). At next the ADSL modem itselve does not really want to work anymore - after each reboot the whole NetCologne internet access software and all drivers had to be reinstalled to get it work. After a few days of experimenting, I bought a new Belkin ADSL Wireles Router Modem. The problem - NetCologne does not allow you to use this device - they insist in using their ASUS modem as an extra external device. After a few hours of experimenting I got this router to work (thanks to Marco who was really patient on the phone with me :-) ). Back in the Internet two searches at Google gave me the required information for the NetCologne VPI/VCI-Numbers (for those who need them: VPI=8, VCI=30, MTU=1400 - that's the values NetCologne does not want to give out!).

Unfortunetely, after an upgrade of the new router it does not work anymore so I gave up and reconfigured my old Netgear withe the old modem. For now it works but not really fine: I have to wait 45 mins to 3 hours getting the router to recognize the modem and to connect o the DSL backbone. But - I have Internet again :-)

Today I started an attempt to reconfigure my home server to get access to the WLAN again - when this is finished, I will have fun when going through more than 400 emails waiting at my provider:-(

If these poblems were not enough, my Notebook broke overnights. After working late I closed it, went to bed and had a deep sleep - like my R40 too. Next morning when I wanted to check my mails I woke the R40 up and got an impressive, completely black, display. The backlight was broken - just overnights. So we send the R40 to IBM for repair. Two days before easter. My hope: very next after the easter days I'll have it back. So I switched to an X390 - comparably a very poor performance now :-) At the moment I am still using the X390 - my R40 was lost for a couple of days but is now found and will be ready on monday - hopefully.