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DNUG iCal again

Today we started the iCal-Subsription for the next DNUG Conference (June, 4-6) again. And like the previous times, that service is well accepted. I wonder if it would be a nice feature to subscribe single tracks out of the whole list. When I coded that version, the target was to have all tracks in on email to get them into ones personal calendar. While this is for sure a good solution and works quite stable now, I can think of bookmarking single tracks. There would be two advantages: when receiving and accepting the iCal file, the user doies not get his inbox flooded with more than one hundret broadcasts, he has to accept each for its own - he would get only those, who are inhis main interest focus, since he already selected them. The second advantage applies to users of different time planning system than notes: there are some of them claiming to be able to use iCal files but in fact do not implement the standard behind it - and so are only able to process the first entry of such a file...

iSkoot for Skype

How cool ist this - finally a free Skype client for the Blackberry:
Image:iSkoot for Skype

check it out at www.iskoot.com.
There is one pitfall: you have to reboot your device after the install. The software does not ask for it, but simply does not work, if you start it without rebooting.
via Christian

LiveHTTPHeaders 0.14 for Firefox 3.0

one extremely valuable Firefox extension is now compatibe with Firefox 3.0 beta - finally. Now I can personally start to use Firefox for more than just starting it from time to time :-)

Here you go: LiveHTTPHeaders 0.14