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...intermittent thoughts


Today I had a strange experience: Although I usually have fear in heights I was on a kind of climbing tour today. Gerat fun! And I experienced I do not need to have fear (because I was professionally safed by belts). Most exciting was the end of the tour junping down from 35 meters to the ground sliding on a rope. Another exciting moment jumping from a tree to a net while hanging on a rope. Absolutely amazing.

Though I am now quite tired. But we want to look a bit of football (european championship) - Greece against France - and drink some beer. Maybe to glasses will be enough tonight :-)

Firefox 0.9 is an Ashesfox!

I'm upset! I really like Firefox. No - I love it! But today I installed Firefox 0.9.

After all these great experiences from the early 0.5 versions on I have never experienced any annoying thing. But today I got enough for all of these versions before: After "migrating" all of my bookmarks from the earlier version - they simply disappeared. Gone! So I took it as a chance and started to create a new list - maybe in about 250 bookmarks there are some expired .-) After I did that - I installed some plugins - and saw the note of needing to restart Firefox... Well this is really ok - I do not have problems with restarting - usually. But today - my Firefox told me about one our he is completing the installs and this will take one minute. All waiting was unsuccessful - my Firefox' flame has glown out today. So I uninstalled the whole bunch of software - and the next bad experience came up. There is still an entry for Firefox 0.8 in my software list - and I cannot remove it...

Hey guys - I know Firefox is free, so I am not really entitled to blame someone - but all this is kind of too much, even for a free software which used to be the best browser available for Windows (and maybe the rest of the world). Please fix this! I want to have my firefox back!

uh - buying a stylus pen for the SE P900

that's hard - Sony Ericsson puts more than one pen to most of their smart phones - except the P900. Hard enough - but it seems to be impossible to get those pens in the retail... Today I tried the mobile shops in Naumburg - ok, too small I could not get one - so I went to Media Markt. Happy to see a Sony Ericsson promoter I asked for those pens - she did'nt know about it. After bringing me to a salesman, he told me about ordeign one for me - but did'nt know the price and time to get it. So I tried to find the Sony Ericsson authorized retailer in Leipzig to get one. While finding the street where it should be located - I found juste one little and by the way closed mobile shop which was absolutely not branded with Sony Ericsson. I hope this is not the authorized Sony Ericsson retailer...

Later on I tried another Media Markt, a Macro Markt (they did'nt want to sell me anything! - I suppose they can really only CHEAP) and a Kaufhof - nobody of them was able to help me - except telling me about the same authorized Sony Ericsson retailer or being able to order such a stupid pen for me...

Brand new and hot

currently charging and ringing and beeping and vibrating..... .-)

Image:Brand new and hot

FM 114P with problems again

my Netgear FM 114 P has problems again - I configured the WEP-Encryption for 128 Bit and it seemed to work fine. Now I am smarter - it has problems to hod the signal or something - occasionally I get the message of being disconnected from my network - a couple of seconds later I am reconnected again. This is not only hard because of breaking downloads. Even more harder is the connection to my neighbours hotspot when reconnecing and not reconnecting to my network...

Currently I am using a beta, which is two minor numbers below the actual release - Netgears Notes do not tell anything about changes in the WiFi part of the router in these two versions - so I assume an update won't help. Any help is appreciated!