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...intermittent thoughts

one year after

Its been already 12 month since I had my very bad car accident. I am so grateful to still be alive and in the meantime having recovered completely. A real miracle - simply nothing of the injuries I had will leave any trace for the future. Those who have seen the photos, know what I am talking about. It is simply unbelievable - from the things that happened it would be a normal outcome to be hit much more severely with more severe injuries or even worse.

A lot of things happened in the meantime but it really hit me, when I had my second "birthday" a couple of days ago. I have been and I still am so grateful for every single new day I have. I have enjoyed many, many more things during the last year, which was about time - and I always had in mind: What if it would have been different?

A couple of things were extremely good, read fantastic, from my point of view and tasted better than ever before. Some of them were experiences I had never expected I would ever make, since my personal attitude was forbidding to get into such situations and experiences. Of course other things went wrong, some of them terribly. But all that is also part of life - and I am happy to have acquired this wisdom from a sight I never expected to have.

And I am so happy to have that day I personally celebrate as a second birthday!

Getting ready for Bremen

Quite a day today, lots of stuff to do while being out of office the next days. Finally we also finished a new TIMETOWEB release. Unfortunately I did not manage to finish the latest version of my HTTPToolkit - I really would have liked showing it there. Well, anyway - you see the previous version in production right now on this site...

Now I have to prepare my luggage and have to think of everything I want to carry with me. Of course there is something i WILL forget. But my colleagues will show up one day later, so I will have a chance to still get it - if it is not in my home.

Hope to see you in Bremen!