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...intermittent thoughts

Oh dear - a time killer

Yesterday I got the link to Conceptis Puzzles - and had not even no time to menion it in this blog :-).

The fundamentals are quite easy: There are rows and columns. Each row has a number list. Each number stands for a filled Block in this row. There has to be at least one blank between those filled blocks. The same is with columns. If you logically combine this inofmration and fill in the blocks - you get a picture when you're finished with all the numbers.

Be careful - you may become addicted ;-)

Weird comparison

... but now I know - I'm a GNU

Image:Weird comparison
Which OS are You?

new Version of ID3 TagIt

there's a new version of ID3 TagIT - one of the best tools for working with IDv3 Tags on MP3s.

Current Version is 3.1.4
URL: http://www.id3-tagit.de/

iPod-Systemsoftware 2004-07-15

Dieses Update ist nicht wirklich für iPods gedacht, die ihren iPod bereits im April auf die Version 2.2 gebracht haben. Das gesamte Paket enthält auch wiederum nur die Version 2.2 für die iPods der dritten Generation und die Version 1.2 für ältere iPods. Für die neuen iPods mit ClickWheel ist die Version 3.0 enthalten, die allerdings nicht auf den anderen iPods läuft. Im Ergebnis habe ich mir jetzt die 27,7 MB vollkommen umsonst runtergeladen, installiert und meinen Rechner neu starten müssen - wer bereits weiss, welche Firmware-Version er hat, kann sie das vielleicht sparen... - oder beim Download wirklich genau auf die Box in der rechten oberen Ecke schauen...

neue iPod Firmware

Apple hat eine neue Version der Firmware für den iPod zur Verfügung gestellt. Die Software ist für jeden iPod geeignet - prüft jedoch zunächst, ob eine Aktualisierung für den angeschlossenen iPod überhaupt nötig ist - schade eigentlich auch bei einer DSL-Flatrate würde ich schon gerne vorher wissen, ob ich mir die ca. 27,5MB wirklich runterladen muss...

Difficult URL-Command Problem

I have a Notes database which is created out of a Template developed by me. This is web enabled and intended for web usage (in fact highly optimized). One of the functionality is used by the following URL:


which is quite ok, since I do not want the form to be saved in any case - all of its work is done by an WQS agent. Everything works really fine on my development server(D6.5.2), a second development server (D6.0) and a pre staging server (D 6.5.1 with some Hotfix). Now we have set up a brand new server on Win 2000 with Domino 6.5.2. Calling the URL causes the Domino server to present an error: Error 400 Unknown Command Exception.

If I use http://server/databasepath/database/form?ReadForm

on that server, everything is fine again - but I have headaches about it. Especially because all teh other servers are working with the normal URL command. So I would really have the new server working as all the others.

Any hints are appreciated.

Beim Beenden eines englischen Domino Designer 5.0.13

Image:Beim Beenden eines englischen Domino Designer 5.0.13

und nur Killnotes hilft, den Designer auch wirklich zu beenden....

Make Acrobat start faster

Felix has just found a good tip to make Acrobat start much faster: http://dotnetjunkies.com/WebLog/darrell.norton/archive/2003/10/06/2095.aspx

How stupid

I just recognized a stupid bug - coded by myself! I have been working again on my java mail puller for Domino - which is working quite good at the moment. But there's one exception: The pulling stops somewhere while processing all my mails on the pop box. So I tried to find some catched exception I do not explicitly log. And then it hit me. I am counting down the total messages in my pop3 folder in the following loop:
 for ( int ii=1; ii<=folder.getMessageCount(); ii++ ) {
That's not really a good line of code - because it is not only quite inperformant (getMessageCount() is done on EVERY loop), it is also wrong in this case. Since mails can be removed inside the loop (which is currently always the case), getMessageCount() returns one less on every loop. Leading to a Loop which works on exactly the half of all mails - uhh did I say that this is stupid?

malformed mail headers

vowe reported about his experience with malformed mail headers in combination with NT pullmail. Well, he's not the onyl one who has this problem - some people including me reported the same in the comments.

today evening I messed around with Eclipse (still my 2.1 installation). Currently I can pull mails from pop3 or IMAP and can forward it to any SMTP server. There's still a lot to do to do all this in a Domino Agent but I have already done such an agent so I know it i spossible to work around al the hurdles of the Domino Java environment.

Image:malformed mail headers

Netgear once again

I've got a Netgear FM114 P Wireless LAN Router. Now I have the problem of being unable to use it since more than a half a year. Yes - exactly like this. So today I stopped all my experiments and wanted to call Netgear once again - expecting to get the 4th or 5th BIOS update with no success. But what a surprise. Netgear Germany is not reachable - no reason but the cut the line by telling you to call again later. - Annoying!