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Finally we had to restart him - one of the Domino production web servers of our customers. This server is there for serving four Domino/TIMETOWEB  based WebSites and serves the complete mail traffic for that customer. While I don't have actual numbers I know website traffic is quite high on that box. Last week we realized, that server had reached an instant uptime of more than 150 days. During this uptime, the sites even had two links on the Heise Newsticker, which usually (and also in that case) lead to an heavily increased network traffic. This machine has been available during the whole time without even a hickup.

Now that we had to restart the server, we were really sorry about it, especcially beacuse of the reason: one database needed to be replaced and we were not able to delete it mnaually. So the only reason to shut down the whole server was only to free a file handle.

After all we looked around our production servers - one of them is hosting several customer sites - so all in all there's more traffic on it. This server has hit the 190days mark. I know there are Domino servers having an even higher uptime. Would be interesting to know the longest uptime of your Domino boxes?

Live in Concert

Image:Live in Concert

Saturday night on the Festwiese in Leipzig, right in the middle of the Sportforum, my campus during my study time in Leipzig. Was an awesome feeling to be there among the roundabout 30000 others. Quite an experience!