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Cool Trilian Plugin

It annoyed me for a long time, when using Trillian. If some of your MSN contacts changes his screen name, Trilian does not recognize this. This is due to a wrong implementation of the protocoll, Trillian simply does not apply the change to the UI. Unfortunately none of the developers is eben interested in this bug. One of the Trillian forum members did the favour to code a plugin to fix this and posted it for free in the net. If you have Trillian Pro you may use it. Simply copy the provided dll into the plugins subdirectory of your Trillian installation, restart Trillian and then activate the plugin in the settings of the program. From now on, all msn contacts will be updated quite reliable, if they change their screen name.

Designer Next

Maureen Leland has already shown it at the last DNUG in Karlsruhe. We saw it running and were so excited that days. Now she has posted an update and gives us an even better idea of how Domino Designer Next will look like. For Windows only so far but with much better options of porting to different platforms. While I only have an idea of how difficult porting of some of the development features of Windows only technologies are - I would be as happy as so many other developers if I could do development on Linux or Mac. Even if that means, we have to do without some little (but windows only) features - I bet more than 95% of my work is done on cross platform available technologies of Notes/Domino so I would be absolutely ok, If I could to that technologies only on another operating system.

Rush Hour

wenn Andreas mal ne Fußgängerbrücke überquert...

rush hour


One of the most important gadgets I use is Babylon. I'm using this piece of software for years now - and I always really miss it when it comes to a reinstallation, a new laptop or simply a machine without it. So what is this all about?

Babylon is a handy and silent on-the-fly translator. It translates from any to any language, if there's a dictionary for that language installed. Additionally Babylon is able to look up words on the net.

But the most important part is its Optical Character Recognition functionality. I have configured my Babylon to launch that function on pressing Alt + Right Mouse key. It then scans the word underneath the cursor, and then lookis it up in the dictionaries. A perfect example for contextual and productive help:



Yesterday I had my very first chance to do some wakeing this year. Well, not the first but the first used. Other days this year were just too crowded in Langenfeld and last one chance was impossible to me because of a terrible flu in the middle of August. Well yesterday was in fact the first time this year I was on the rail. Amazingly I didn't even had a slight problem - simply nothing was unlearned since my first sucees in starting on the board last year. Wohoo!

Kai was in peak condition but when filming him on his attempts to take the kicker - he simply did the best performances. No stuntman would do this voluntarily :-)

Whats that???

I just recognized a dramatic slowdown of my machine. Finally Notes silently passed away (not even a redbox or an NSD). Then I had a look on the Task manager and saw my RAM was used at about 1,5Gig. Looking at the proccess table clarified the situation...

Image:Whats that???

The scary thing about it - I had just three conversations today. Two inhouse and one with another domain. Both were just text conversations - no multimedia functionality was used, not even a pasted picture. I just cant imagine why Sametime 7.5 is eating all my memory...

checking WebSites on foreign OSes

Just after the upgrade to 3.0.2 Gold, Pascal told me this blog has no CSS anymore. While he was right for his particular installation it was wrong in general. I totally disagreed with him and then started asking about the configuration: Safari on MacOS. Well, Safari is one of those really intolerant applications - a few mistakes in the source may break the whole site. Additionally Safari has an incomplete CSS-implementation so it could have been both - or something completely different. So I checked the xhtml-code. According to W3C it was ok but had 4 warnings that time. That was easy to fix and page was officially approved as being XHTML 1.0 again. Safari still did not want to render the page in the provided CSS styling. At last I found a broken tag in the source, not found by theW3C Validator but in there.

The whole time I had to ask him for success after every little change - very annoying. At some point during the process I remembered that tool a colleague recently discovered int he web: BrowserPool - a pretty cool piece of software. You connect to a remote machine on certain OSes and are able to use different WebBrowsers on that platform. That way you are able to test drive your pages on so many platforms and Browsers very easily

Image:checking WebSites on foreign OSes

Image:checking WebSites on foreign OSes

Template Update

Sometimes I don't even realize the forthcoming of software. When I was working on the upgrade of this server it came into my mind tehre was a webedit feature of this blog template. I had seen it but after upgrading to 3.0.0 Gold of this database it was somehow broken. When waiting for some download I quickly switched over to Steve's page to have a look for some hint. It was so easy - a typical case of RTFM. Well, in this case RTFUI.

I used the chance and quickly upgraded to 3.0.2. The whole upgrade was done in about 10 minutes. It was a breeze!


A couple of you were unable to reach this page in the last weeks. Some nice of you told me about it. Well, I think I have found the problem now. Some experimental database in an inconsitent state... Besides this database is huge, a consitency check takes ages. I've just removed it from the data directory and I think the service is now stable again. Nevertheless, I decided to grade this server up to a newer Domino version. I have not yet flly decided but I think it will become the most recent version. This will bring some significant more speed to the HTTP-Service, and will give us an opportunity to test drive some of the new features in 7.0.2.