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Back in the net

you may have recognized it - the site was down for a while. The reason was terrible problems with my tech park...

At first my DSL connection broke. My Netgear router FM114P was not able to establish a connction by the NetCologne DSL modem anymore. Until now Netgear Germany was not even able to recognize this as a problem of mine (!!!). At next the ADSL modem itselve does not really want to work anymore - after each reboot the whole NetCologne internet access software and all drivers had to be reinstalled to get it work. After a few days of experimenting, I bought a new Belkin ADSL Wireles Router Modem. The problem - NetCologne does not allow you to use this device - they insist in using their ASUS modem as an extra external device. After a few hours of experimenting I got this router to work (thanks to Marco who was really patient on the phone with me :-) ). Back in the Internet two searches at Google gave me the required information for the NetCologne VPI/VCI-Numbers (for those who need them: VPI=8, VCI=30, MTU=1400 - that's the values NetCologne does not want to give out!).

Unfortunetely, after an upgrade of the new router it does not work anymore so I gave up and reconfigured my old Netgear withe the old modem. For now it works but not really fine: I have to wait 45 mins to 3 hours getting the router to recognize the modem and to connect o the DSL backbone. But - I have Internet again :-)

Today I started an attempt to reconfigure my home server to get access to the WLAN again - when this is finished, I will have fun when going through more than 400 emails waiting at my provider:-(

If these poblems were not enough, my Notebook broke overnights. After working late I closed it, went to bed and had a deep sleep - like my R40 too. Next morning when I wanted to check my mails I woke the R40 up and got an impressive, completely black, display. The backlight was broken - just overnights. So we send the R40 to IBM for repair. Two days before easter. My hope: very next after the easter days I'll have it back. So I switched to an X390 - comparably a very poor performance now :-) At the moment I am still using the X390 - my R40 was lost for a couple of days but is now found and will be ready on monday - hopefully.

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