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Big Apple in Naumburg

Just got an invitation to a exhibit opening on Friday. Unfortunately I cannot go. But I know it is going to be very good - and the exhibit will last some days. The city of Naumburg is showing some pictures of New York, my friend Andreas Klingebiel shot back in 2000, when he was there for an internship. That pictures were shown several times before, for instance in the City of Cologne and in Leipzigs main train station. Quite impressive!
Picture is © 2000 by Andreas Klingebiel and must not be redistributed!

If you visit Naumburg until September this year, you should probably have a look at these pictures in the city library:

Stadtbibliothek Naumburg, Jägerstr. 4, D-06618 Naumburg

The exhibit is free of charge.

  1. 1) mohan raj said: (11.04.2017 14:21:57 GMT)
    Big Apple in Naumburg

    Nice article

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