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Certificate Errors on Firefox for Ubuntu

There was only one thing that drove me mad on my Ubuntu installation. In a certain location I use, all WIFI access points are accessed by a https based login. The SSL certificate used for that, are self signed, which is fully ok, if you know the background and the care that is taken by the administrators of that environment. Unfortunately from the very first days of my Ubuntu installation, I was unable to connect to those sites, since my Firefox simply did not accept that certificates. While I got that "normal" exception message, that the certificate is self signed and the site probably harmful, I opted to add an exception, retrieved the certificate, even showed it and then pressed on "Add Exception". Nothing happened. The Window did not close nor was an exception added. I even tried to add an exception manually via Advanced Options - no way :-(
That happened even after several Updates of my Ubuntu installation. Lastly I found a tiny but easily overseen hint on the web: delete your profile once and rebuild it.
So I started
firefox -p
from a terminal and opted to delete the default profile. Well, I had to reinstall every single Add on, but on the bright side two things happened: I am now able to access those WIFI access points and I am also able to retrieve my bookmarks now via Syncplaces - that was a second thing, I never managed to get to work on Ubuntu - and it wasn't the fault of Syncplaces as I already had assumed.
So, if anybody is experiencing similar things, give that profile removing thing a chance - probably it is better to rename such a profile of firstly to try out a newly created one instead of deleting as I did...

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