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Domino Unix Start Script

Daniel has just updated is famous Domino Start Script for Unix. He now even added support for Ubuntu Linux!!! I just can say: this script is the one and only solution to work with Domino servers on Unix and Linux systems. We have started using that script around two years ago and it was already a perfect solution then. But he was always improving it and so the script evolved over time and got even better.
Just one example: originally the script was written to start a Domino server by manually running it. When I was using it the first time for my test machine I just wanted to have the machine run the script upon power up of the machine. Sure, the script was intended for production systems - and those normally do not go down. But I was in the need to stop my test machine several times a day so starting the script automatically was an idea I immediately had in mind. Although I was a Linux newbie then, I tried my very best to modify the script for my own. After two attempts I had to completely throw away (read, I had completely messed them up) I had a script that was somehow started upon system start and somehow did the thing I wanted. But since I had already talked with Daniel (and asked a couple of quite dumb questions), he had quickly decided to also think that could be a good idea and though implemented the necessary and correct runlevel extensions to the script. In fact, when I was finished with a somehow working version - he already had a fully working version with support for automatic start in runlevel 3...
From that day on, using the script is a must for all of my Linux Domino installations - I regret working on a Domino server from the systems side without that script ;-) If you don't know it - just give it a try - it is freely downloadable here!
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    Domino Unix Start Script

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