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Just solved the cube for the first time

Well, quite funny, I never managed to correctly solve the magic cube ever before - don't know why (I always did the throw-and-puzzle solution). Maybe I never was patient enough ;-) Well, yesterday I happened to download Arcus, a free cube simulator, which runs as a Java applet but also natively on Windows (did not yet check it on Ubuntu). I then needed some time to get used to the usage of it but now it starts growing on me (can come game do that?). One may ask, how I managed to solve it - well, that was easy - I had some help. There are very good solutions on the web - even though you have to be very careful to not destroy your solution by just reading too quickly ;-) The one I liked the most was the solution made up by Jürgen Köller, who also has some very interesting references, links and also something about the cube's history.

Solved Cube

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