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A long time of silence

It has been quite silent on this blog for a longer time now - and the reason is not that this blog is dead - it is only because I had too much to do. I was working on so many things at the same time - I simply did not find the time to write. Sure, some things I was working on were under different NDAs and I was unable to write but that was not sufficient for an excuse and over time my bad conscience became louder and louder ;-)

Especially when we we released new Versions of SecureDomino or the FireNotes Mozilla Plugin I was involved in writing things down for the Web and could have easily posted some information here too - and I should have. But there were other things that I was working on or playing with : Eclipse Plugins for Notes and Domino Designer, writing articles, preparing conference sessions, working with new exiting stuff in XPages, at some point even participating in a podcast and last but certainly not least doing my normal job and having a private live ;-). Really exiting times and I promise to post stuff here more frequently in the future.

There is so much stuff that I could write about - I really have to pick some of all those interesting topics an post about it. Expect more to come ;-)
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    A long time of silence

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