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Today I made it clear, I will be able to attend the Lotusphere Comes to You - Rheinland in Düsseldorf. Since I did not attend LotuSphere this year this is my very special summary to it. I am really looking forward on the session of Thomas Gumz - one of the brains behind XPages. But also the other speakers are really valued and certainly worth listening to - so I hope I do not get in trouble with the packed session schedule. Even though I already know Daniels session, I know it is going to be a great one, Christian is presenting about Alloy, which is extremely interesting, Angela is presenting about DDE, Ed is telling about strategy and there are lots of more valued and credible speakers this time. Besides of all of that, I am also looking forward to meet with friends and customers over there. I know, my colleagues have been organizing this event very hard for quite some time, so this is going to be great event :-)

Lotusphere Comes to You - Rheinland

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