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change browser in Notes 8 and beyond

Every day is a new day to learn something. Today I learned how to change how the browser is launched in Notes 8 and beyond. For the last several weeks I saw my machine launching all internet related stuff in the internal browser of Notes 8 - which is in fact Internet Explorer on Windows machines. since I really do not like that Browser from several reasons but also from the security aspect. I do use another one. And since I am developing Web applications I have to see the users experience outside of the notes context - so I need to use a browser which is launched outside the notes RCP context in its own window. Well, the well know setting in the location document was somehow ignored by my installation. I did not really care about it since it is a development machine and several things are different from other installations. But over time it started to annoy me quite a bit. I double checked the Location settings, which were set just right:

Unfortunately Notes still launched everything in Internet Explorer. And then I found it by mistake - there is a more dominant setting in the Notes preferences now:

Well, in fact both settings work together. At first the Preferences Web Browser Settings decide what browser to start at all. And if that decision is made, the setting in the location preferences apply. Quite logic at the end but IMO too complicated for an end user if it is distributed over several different sections of the settings and both sections do not give any hint to the other one.

Well, after reading this, you are more clever than before and are now enabled to change that behavior quickly ,-)
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