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Combining Pullmail, SpamPal and Domino

Today I dropped my solution of getting mail automatically to Domino from POP3 account. One Year ago I had written some Notes Database using a JavaAgent with Suns JavaMail-Package included. The solution was working all the time quite well but had also some probs (e.g. stopping at erroneous mails in the POP3 or IMAP box which was simply annoying). Additionally the amount of Spam, sent to my account is now by 85% or more of my total mail amount and so I was looking for a solution for filtering spam.

While searching I remembered some article on my favourite blog (vowe.de) and so I stopped my googling and switched to vowe, full text searched the site and got the name of that particular freeware tool he uses to get mails from POP3 Boxes. Additionally I got the tip to a cool spam washer (SpamPal).

At first I thought about using my old Email Retrieval System Database (basing on some Java code, including Suns JavaMail Package) - it should be easily upgradeable to connect to SpamPal - but then I dropped this, because of the probs I have and because I had no time to completely review the code to place some more and better error handling and the port extension in it.

Now the goal was easily  defined: Combine Pullmail, SpamPal and Domino in a way that everything is automatically running together on one machine pulling several POP accounts while marking Spam and removing it from the Inbox automatically.

I started by donwloading all the progs to my R40 and tried all of it a bit. I noticed there's no description of how to use Spampal with Lotus Notes - but it is so easy - you don't really need such a description if you can abstact from another mail program :-)

Well after testing a bit (and being impressed by SpamPals power) I switched to my Server. Installed SpamPal, copied Pullmail and started combining it.

SpamPal was installed and configured easily - but the combination with pullmail.exe and Domino was a bit more harder. Finally I wrote a batch to pull several accounts to several MailBox-Files on the Domino-Server. a bit more complicated was the scheduled pulling. Windows Task Manager was not my choice and ddidn't really work - I think this is crap. So I renamed the batch to npullmail.bat and created a program document.
you may wonder why not to rneame pullmial.exe to npullmail.exe and write a Domino Program Document for every account you want to pull. I give you two reasons:
  • the commandline options for pullmail are not encrypted in the program document and so you have you password stored in a clear format in the Domino Directory which is public accessible for you Notes users
  • the commandline options in Domino Program Documents are not passed by completely. Only the first XXX characters are passed by to the commandline and so you may not be able to provide all the data you need for pullmail by the program document.

After all, the system works quite fine - better than ever before. I have some more Mail Rules now - and have a much more clearer inbox. Reaching me by mail has now become much more reliable...

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