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Correct settings for German Umlauts in Domino InternetSites

ever tried to set up a Domino based site having German umlauts in it? Yes that's not really a hard job, but by default the settings for the Domino Web engine are wrong to sites allowing German umlauts in web forms - so the game begins: playing some setting, unloading http loading http - testing - not working, again....

Here are some notes that worked to me ;-)

go to the InternetSite config Document (or the server document, if you have only one site) and look for the following:
  • Use UTF-8 for HTML forms: No
  • Default character set group: CentralEuropean
  • Western: ISO-8859-1
  • Central European: ISO-8859-2
  • Character set in header: disabled
  • Meta character set: disabled

some of these settings don't look really senseful to me but it works here...

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