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Different types of huge

Working on a Notes database of 3.5 GB in size is not working on a small Notes database. But it is also not a very big one...

Well, today I learned a new meaning of big: We got a dabase making problems in nearly every sense. It wasn't replicating, it wasn't refreshing - for my colleague it wasn't even opening. Running a fixup took us hours on a server of actual power and more than enough RAM. Amazingly the database did'nt cause any CPU peaks on the server. It was just slow as hell. Even opening the ACL took around one minute. Replicating the database was impossible. Creating a new replica too. Nobody had a clue anymore. It was so odd that we were not even able to believe in a bug anymore.

After a lot of messing around with nearly every tool I knew, I just got back to the roots and took the good old show database console command on the server. Even this looked like being unable to access the database properly. But then, after maybe five minutes the server came up with a result. And yes the database has more than 30k documents and has huge indexes - but there was another indicator in the database which simply splashed into my eyes: nearly 4 million deletion stubs! Hell!!

While this describes every single problem we had, we have to find out why this huge amount of deletion stubs is still in the database - according to the database settings they cannot be elder than 30 days - and there was not much going on in the last month... So while we were always seeing a bigger database with 32k Documents and 3.5GB in size, in it was giantic - Notes deletion stubs count as documents on a lot of operations. Ok, they are documents, special kinds of documents.

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