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Difficult URL-Command Problem

I have a Notes database which is created out of a Template developed by me. This is web enabled and intended for web usage (in fact highly optimized). One of the functionality is used by the following URL:


which is quite ok, since I do not want the form to be saved in any case - all of its work is done by an WQS agent. Everything works really fine on my development server(D6.5.2), a second development server (D6.0) and a pre staging server (D 6.5.1 with some Hotfix). Now we have set up a brand new server on Win 2000 with Domino 6.5.2. Calling the URL causes the Domino server to present an error: Error 400 Unknown Command Exception.

If I use http://server/databasepath/database/form?ReadForm

on that server, everything is fine again - but I have headaches about it. Especially because all teh other servers are working with the normal URL command. So I would really have the new server working as all the others.

Any hints are appreciated.

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