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it’s DNUG again

Next week, starting on 14th, the IBM Lotus Technical Forum takes place in Hannover. From 14th of June on we are going to see loads of new stuff from IBM as well as from other speakers. The conference is one day longer as ususal - whe hav now three days full of events, meetings, talks and presentations. This is a must have!

Oh by the way - did you see the speed of the conferece microsite - I have done this site with a new version of the content management system. Speed was impressive in every respect! Building up the design was about 4 hours (hey, I had to develop html myself and by hand!), implementing desigen was about 30 Minutes - including the event management system from the old database to display in this microsite was about 2 hours (but only because I was a bit stupid -it should have been by around 10 Minutes!). Come and let me show you all these incredible techniques on booth D9. If I am not there my colleagues will be pleased to show it or to call me up.
  1. 1) DanielHeller said: (08.03.2018 8:08:35 GMT)
    it’s DNUG again

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