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Funny days

On monday my regular car had to go to the garage for fixing the damage from an accident I had in January (no, the other one was it :-) ). Since the fixing was supposed to take more than one day I got a replacement car from the opposites insurance. When the guy from the car rental arrived, he told me, he sorrily had no car in the class of my A3 anymore, so he decided to give me another class which he called "a bit bigger".

When he handed over the car to me I was really impressed! A Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel with almost everything I could imagine in a car! So much gadgets in it - and so much engine power. I really like this car - a three liter diesel engine is a really funny engine (and this is the small one for the Cherokee). Well, on the other hand it is really thirstily. I had it on 15 Liters/100km - when driving slightly different from gasoline saving mode. But there was so much other fun in it. I liked the Cruise control, the Navigation system, even the mirror was cool. Yes and of course the drivers view perspective was cool.

Image:Funny days

Well now the fun is over now. Today I got my car back - fixed and cleaned and as nice as I like it. At the end of the day: I really like both cars - my regular one which is a reliable and fast, sportive car and the Jeep, which is just plain fun.

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