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if your Domino Designer 8.5 is not starting anymore...

... and you maybe also get "selfexplaining" error messages like this: "'Platform Command Processor' has encountered a problem."
'Platform Command Processor' has encountered a problem.
the solution is not necessarily to delete the entire workspace directory in your Notes data directory (although this is a valid and working solution). Probably it is enough to delete only one file, if you know which one and where...

At first make sure Notes is not running anymore at all. The typical suspects like KillNotes and ZapNotes may not fit your needs, try some NSD -kill and check your task list if some nsd.exe is still running. if not, assure also the task soffice.exe is not running - that's the process name of the included Symphony (which is a forge of OpenOffice formerly known as StarOffice, hence the name by the way).

If all of these processes do not run anymore, go to your notes data directory and then click down to:
in that directory check for the following file:
if it exists - try renaming it or even less gentle, delete it (there should be an .bak version of it anyway) and restart Notes. DDE should now start. Well, one disadvantage: some of the settings you made to the client UI will be lost - in my case it was the window size (maximized) and the position of the panes. But I think that's way better than deleting the whole directory, loosing the vast majority of the Notes client settings, your Sametime settings, your custom plugins and all that stuff...
  1. 1) Jerry Shelley said: (12.06.2009 18:55:58 GMT)
    You Star !!!

    One more for me to add to the list of reasons why I hate the Eclipse Designer client.

    But thanks Michael for documenting this and saving a reinstall.

    Cheers. Jerry.

  2. 2) Michael Gollmick Said: (12.06.2009 19:19:33 GMT)

    that’s all fixed now

    Unfortunately as with many issues, it is raising maximum awareness by blocking anything. But it was fixed very quickly :-)

  3. 3) Jeff Niemi said: (01.03.2012 16:57:28 GMT)
    if your Domino Designer 8.5 is not starting anymore...

    This modifications did not resolve my error. Still cannot launch Designer. Any other ideas other than wiping the entire workspace folder?

  4. 4) Brinel Cashue said: (09.05.2012 8:40:14 GMT)
    if your Domino Designer 8.5 is not starting anymore...

    Thanks Michael, I deleted the entire workspace and now my designer starts correctly... Ohh God I was struggling so much!

  5. 5) Katie said: (04.06.2013 16:19:02 GMT)
    if your Domino Designer 8.5 is not starting anymore...

    Fixed the issue on my computer! Thanks a bunch.

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    if your Domino Designer 8.5 is not starting anymore...

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  12. 12) Marcus said: (13.06.2017 6:46:13 GMT)
    if your Domino Designer 8.5 is not starting anymore...


    This fixed the problem for me after upgrading to IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP8 and finding out Domino Designer kept crashing...

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