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Finally I got it. All my old posts in the Blogsphere template are now in this new database. Additionally I decided to change the design once more. Now we have a classical left hand navigation width a biger one right hand content area. The layout is highly scalable and flexible. Of couse I cannot claim to have it finished - there may be a lot more to do. Especially conformity issues could come up in the next days. I just started to migrate a layout into Dominoblog and did almost every testing with Firefox - maybe there are issues with Internet Explorer. Additionally I didn't use a validator at all - I'm sure there are smaller or bigger bugs inside :-)

At last and for me most important: how do you like the layout?
  1. 1) Henning Heinz said: (15.01.2005 19:49:13 GMT)

    It looks nice, it is fast. What can I expect more?

    Hope to be here on a regular basis.

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