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NetGear is working again

That was a hard kind of work: Beginning in March my NETGEAR FM114P has started to make trouble whith connecting to the DSL via my ISP provided modem. An attempt to replace the device by a Belkin ADSL Wireless Router Modem failed. Meanwhile I was trying to get help from NETGEAR Germany - thats really a hard kind of work. Getting in contact by mail was senseless, since the operator was not able to understand nor read more than one sentence from my mail. Three times he has sent me the question what's wrong with my device since he cannot figure out my problem because there would be no description in my mail... (momentarily I am thinking if the ticket number in those Mails is just a fake for caling down customers - anyway, he has definitely not used any kind of backward search to my ticket number). After the third answer of mine he stopped asking me about my problems - and stopped any activity on my incident...

Attempts to get NETGEAR by phone are really hard to - most days you cannot reach the hotline. If the line is not full you get kicked out with a comment to the overload. Today I was really lucky - I was'nt kicked after the fourth attempt to dial and so I had fun with the played CD in the waiting line. While I was waiting for more than 30 Minutes I was able to read some documentation and listen to NETGEARs music - really relaxing :-)
Oh yes, I got an operator and she helped me really charmful! She was really nice. After listening to my problem she asked for the router's firmware revision - which was patched a couple of days before to the latest american-site version. So I was sure this is not the problem. But I was wrong - she had a newer version for me. It seems that this version is not available on any NETGEAR site so far. And the best - it works! It solved all my trouble I had before - the router is connecting really fast again and the server is getting the defined IP-Address now. The only one issue is my R40 Wireless connection now - it breaks sometimes and has to be reestablished by hand - I will have a look for it in the future.
All over all:
NETGEARS support is really hard to reach. The email version is not recommendable - they don't even answer to requests if you have a ticket number! The Phone version is hard to reach but polite and really helpful!

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