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new layout and some fixes / new features

After having run this layout for more than three years now, I just did not like it that much anymore - so I started to build a new one more than a half a year ago. But I had much to do - really a lot, and really interesting stuff. In the end, the new layout needed to suffer the existence of a forgotten stepchild - I just never managed to make it fully usable...
Today I needed some break after a long day of reading, thinking planning and writing. As funny as it sounds - I relaxed over the last 30 minutes or so by having a look into that unfinished layout. Well - and I realized, I had left it very close to being usable. So I decided to finish it and launch it. There may still be flaws in it, there may be a way to go - but hey, this is a Blog and not a professional website ;-)
All in all the left panel has moved to the right now since I simply agree to the opinion, Content is more important the meta information (aka links). There is now also some fancy DHTML search, I hope everybody will understand. Another, very important thing is now also implemented - the comments can now be added and seen directly - I simply was not aware of this lack of an option but wondered about the rare comments.
I reused some code, Daniel has in use for quite a while now - and did not report any complaints to me. For him this code is fixing an issue with MIME HTML - for me it allows for typing with inline spell checking during edit - a feature I really appreciate, 'cause my feeling for correct spelling in English is not the very best ;-)
After all, this design looks IMO much more slick and cleaned up than the one before - I really like it - and it is in fact a bit less resource demanding while also being valid XHTML at the same time. But besides that the contents are better readable to mobile devices and look cleaner and smoother for CSS capable browsers. I remember having worked also on a print style - but I am not sure if that was finished then - I guess, there can still be issues with that. Hope you like it too ;-)

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