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Notes/Domino 7 Beta 2 available

There is a new milestone of Notes/Domino 7 available. The Beta 2 version has a lot of improvements in top of those in ND7 Beta 1.
Since I had problems installing beta 1 and a lot of work load that time I skipped that first release and had my first impressions today....

  • well, the famous redbox is still in there I saw it when attempting to open my Blogsphere database to write this article. I assume the database script makes the client crash and I think this will be fixed in the next milestone release
  • I saw some really useful options in the preferences dialog:
  • Auto save
  • editing of the data directory path
  • state memory (restores the last state of notes when restarting)
  • Really helpful - the annoying box showing that Lotus Script debugging has been enabled/disabled is now moved to a status bar information, which is the only one correct place for that information. Thank you Lotus!

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