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Search working again

After updating to the most recent DX Blog Template (v3.0.0 Beta 3 Build 27), I noticed my site search was broken. Then I looked around (at the live server which was still on the elder template) and recognized it was broken even before. Today morning there was some spare time to look around the Java based search agent and the mechanisms used to create the search result.

The problem was located in the template used to display the result. Everything worked so well but my search result list template had two newlines to create more nicely viewable html source code. The agent just took this code and putted it into a single javascript line - which then generated incorrect javascript, since command lines were not eneded correctly anymore in that dynamical generated javascript. After fixing this, everything was ok again. BUT: now I cannot display additional information like date and comment count anymore - the agent does not do all the replacements needed for it. So I changed the template to display just the subject - hope to get a better solution soon.
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