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Skype & nhttp.exe

I just tried to troubleshoot my locally installed Domino server - I was unable to access its http service. This experience took me now around three hours. Reason was so simple but for my apologies I was unable to use the standard trouble shooting way of thinking about what was changed just before http stopped to word. Why? Almost everything had changed - I had kind of an installation "orgy" yesterday when I was getting a brand new R51 and had to migrate all the software from the old R40 and the A22m to it. Finally a simple netstat -da gave me the hint: Skype was the "terrorist" There was an http connection listening on port 80 belonging to Skype. So when Domino started up (which is in fact later than skype in my case) the port http wanted to work on was already bound to skype and so no connection was possible to local Domino. Unfortunately nhttp.exe does not give any output about this and Skype has no option to not use port 80....

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