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SMTPAuth on Domino

here's a nice tool to do SMTPAuth on Domino

now I have a combination of a hand made Java Agent for POPing my mail account and a Windows binary for sending mails from Domino to that account.

Here's a description of how to configure Domino 6 with it.


1.        configure Bisswangers SMTPAuth to use port 1025 on your system, use your personal connection data for sending in teh other fields
2.        go to the Server Document in Notes and edit the Ports\Internet Ports\Mail section and edit the SMTP Outbound column to use port 1025 instead of the normal port 25 for sending to SMTP Servers.
3.        edit the Messaging Settings and set the Relay host for messages leaving the local internet domain: to localhost (or
4.        Enter "tell router update config" command at the console or simply restart the router or the whole server

it should now be working!

Image:SMTPAuth on Domino
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