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I am using a very cool and tiny tool for quite a while now. It's name is TrayIt and as a lot of the cool gadgets I know it just does what it is promising: in this case "traying" applications. You can define every application to be in the system tray permanently or just temporarily send your application to the tray. Quite helpful if you want to keep your desktop clean. In my configuration eg. Domino Server and the Notes Clients are running permanently. However, sometimes I have to work in other applications - even on two screens. Now imagine to have started a Domino Server, a Notes, Designer and Admin client two Browser windows an Acrobat window and maybe three or four Explorer windows... It's going to look quite crowded on the Desktop,even if you minimize some or all applications, the taskbar is full of tasks. We'll thats the time, TrayIt comes into play. You just do not only minimize an application you Ctrl-Minimize it and it disappears to the system tray:

Some of my all day applications are sent to the tray whenever I minimize them:

But the best ist installation of this tool. Simply put a .exe and a .dll file into its own directory and start it. No installation nor reboot required. TrayIt even starts automatically after you decided so in the preferences dialog. And it is smally - really small!

Just go and get it here.

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